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At Yare Valley Rapeseed Oil we grow and press and bottle our oil on our farm in Norfolk.

We have sourced some local ingredients to make a new range of dressings which are just as you would make at home - nothing artificial added


This Chili dressing is a spicy favourite.

Perfect for marinades, fish, chicken, baked potatoes or just drizzling over your salads.

Norfolk Honey and Mustard

This dressing is a delicious combination of flavours for a range of dishes using fish and chicken, marinades or just use it drizzled over your salads.

Oak Smoked

This deliciously creamy and smokey flavour is produced using oak chips from our farm which are dried and smouldered to produce a mild infusion into our cold pressed rapeseed oil. Perfect for adding flavour to your salads as well as frying, roasting or simply dipping.

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The Original Rapeseed Oil

Our Cold pressed Rapeseed oil is grown and pressed on our farm in the Yare Valley, Norfolk. Since we grow and press our own product we know exactly where it has come from and can give you the quality you expect. It is also the oil used in making all our dressings and infusions.

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Norfolk Vinaigrette

Our Norfolk vinaigrette is the ‘classic’ salad dressing recipe given to us by our friend Polly. It is the perfect combination of flavours for drizzling over a variety of salads.

So tasty you can just dip bread in it!

Natural Lemon

This delicious infusion uses natural lemon oil to make a wonderfully zesty flavour that complements both sweet and savoury dishes. Ideal for for your dressing, dipping and baking, as well as to add a citrus twist to meats such as chicken and pork when cooking or marinating.

Garlic & Rosemary

Our Garlic and Rosemary Oil is a great drizzler, roaster, dipper and marinater Whether used as an accompaniment, to finish dishes or used in their creation, this oil is sure to be a firm favourite in the kitchen cupboard.

Honey & Lime Lip Balm

This soothing and caring all natural lip balm has been created by blending our oil, local honey, local beeswax and a dash of lime essence. Handmade in small batches and perfect for use on your lips and skin in all types of weather. With  nutrients and natural ingredients, see what it can do for you.